He made a first short film Il était une fois, and shot the video clip Barbary. Then he goes on with several short films including Fumer Tue, Un Possible Univers, or Partis de rien…, who won the Jury Prize, the Public and the Special Prize of the festival Sookalafak, as well as the contest Cinékwanon. In parallel, he is developing Kanon Pokajanen project, a short film inspired by the work of composer Arvö Part (presented at the St-Petersburg Film House). With producer Elisabeth Revol, he then develops the short films Coma, Angle Mort and co-realizes with Sébastien Corne a prelude to the Adonaï project entitled Le Rêve du Stalker. The latter is selected in 25 international festivals and is broadcast in more than 30 countries. After having made the first season of the series Frapuccino (44nominations, 12 prizes), David and the Esthésie team launches the preparation of the film Adonaï.

His universe is full of references to spirituality, literature and is marked by fantasy and science fiction. Today, he is preparing new audiovisual projects, including Mirage (short film in production) and My Bike (feature film in writing).