After graduating from Kwalikum Secondary (2014) and working on the sets of multiple movies (theatrical & MOW), and over 100 episodes of broadcast television (Netflix, YTV, TVOkids, Knowledge BC, Discovery Asia, Pop UK), Harrison Houde (actor–) passionated by filmmaking, crossed the Rubicon and became director.

Harrison founded Houde Entertainment Inc. in 2014 and soon began to create award-winning short films beyond the digital space he was apart of. Soon, he was interested into coming-of-age sorties inspired by pop culture and literature for his films. He therefore works with many genres, from comedies …. There are no limits. Coming-of-age stories specifically resonate with Harrison, and he hopes to be able to push the boundaries and direction of his work.

With Harrison’s quirky personality, he hopes to adds something to the projects and helps develop a specific style to his body of work. Harrison loves collaboration, and is proud to be working with many of his talented friends. Hoping to provoke conversations around the films he creates, Harrison also would one day to be able to help others make the stories that matter to them come to life.